Krakow Travel

Krakow is fast becoming an easy destination to reach by road, rail and air. The main airport in Balice, a nearby suburb of Krakow is served by the popular low cost airlines from many different European countries. The Jan Pawel II (John Paul II) International Airport is very well organised and is currently under an expansion program to cater for the ever increasing volume of passengers.

The airport has all the usual public and private transport services to the city centre including a useful late night bus service and a train connection which drops you off in one of Krakow’s many shopping arcades Galeria Krakowska, very convenient indeed.

By road, although there are many motorways under construction in various parts of Poland, Krakow boasts a 420 Km straight through motorway drive into or from Germany thus rendering it an even more attractive destination to add to your travel itinerary.

If you travel from Warsaw, there is the newly inaugurated ‘fast train’ which offers a direct service between Krakow and the capital. Krakow is a major hub for rail travel with connections running to all major European cities.

In recent years Krakow has experienced a continual increase in people visiting this majestic city. Last year the total reached over 7 million and the trend is expected to continue especially with sustained investment and new agreements forged within Europe such as the ‘twinning’ of  Krakow with Rome.