Plac Targowy

Plac Targowy has to be one of the most frequented on a Sunday morning. Situated on Dietla St. going towards Grzegorzecka St, this market attracts many visitors during the week but Sunday is different. Markets always have a lot of bric-brac but take your time perusing this one.

There is a healthy assortment of vinyl 33rpm LP’s. The evergrowing  trend of listening to records these days Plac Targowy is a good place to find very original albums at reasonable prices.

Once again antiques are on display, if you are a hobbyist then you can find useful items to complete your models and whatlike sifting through the mounds of ‘it might be useful one day’ articles. Fresh fruit and vegetables are high the agenda and apparently heard on the grapevine the fresh farm eggs are exemplary.

Associated with this market but you have to go very early is Krakow’s most famous kielbasa (sausage) vendor. The queue to get one from the van they grill them in so hot n’ tasty is endless. They are so well known, that companies hire them to provide the catering at their staff incentive meetings. A true Cracovian custom.

The Sunday shift for visiting this market is the best option, the Krakow culture of market life is a little different and experiencing it and all it’s charm is fascinating.