Plac Nowy

The Plac Nowy flea market in the Jewish quarter of Krakow goes back 200 years already. This daily market open from very early morning until the afternoon provides fresh food and locally grown. In the centre of the square there is a building dispensing the traditional zapiekanka (a baguette with various toppings) from small windows just like an ATM.

The market has a routine, that is, different days of the week are dedicated to certain particular areas.  On Saturdays the antiques vendors are the main attraction while on Sundays it’s clothing both new and secondhand.

Twice a week you can buy livestock, though in modern times it’s limited to small animals such as chicks or rabbits. This happens every Tuesday and Friday.

War time memorabilia is in abundance and some unusual and even unthinkable items can be found. Religious artefacts are also popular, the market itself expands into the surrounding area and on a good day there are over 300 stalls even if a few are quite makeshift.

Nonetheless, the atmosphere this market creates is undeniably strong in sentiment and rich in the spirit and fibre of Krakow culture. This historical market is definitely on the list. Happy bargain hunting.