Easter Market

This event is one of Krakow’s most colourful. The tradition of painting eggs and the Spring flowers makes this market a happy and bright place to be where local artisans and  food producers sell their wares during the Easter celebrations.

Rynek Glowny (Main Square) is transformed into a busy market  and the Sukiennice (Cloth Hall) is completely surrounded by stalls offering everything from sausages to hand painted tableware. The choice is immense and many of the artefacts on sale are unique in design and certainly colourful.

The Polish traditional palm come flower arrangements the ‘Pisanki’ which is an essential table adornment during the Easter meal can be bought and then blessed in church. Many different traditonal foods can be purchased, the Polish sausage for one has a wide ranging choice of flavours, sizes and shapes can be consumed hot there and then to keep you going during your visit. Tableware such as butter dishes, serving platters or plates in vivid colours render this market a splendour awash with vibrant colours. Local beer is on offer as are traditional recipes of Bigos, Hunter’s Stew consisting of cabbage and meat. Another feature of the Easter market are the hand painted eggs, although this tradition is popular in most countries in Europe the Polish way of ‘painting an egg’ is by far the most unusual, throughout the market you will find some exquisitely painted eggs.

The Easter market runs through the Easter break and into late April according to the calendar. The market draws a tremendous amount of visitors and nobody ever forgets the amazing image of colourful Krakow during the Easter period.