Krakow Markets

Market tradition in Krakow is one of the most particular and popular attractions for both locals and tourists. Towards the end of November sees the start of the festive season which will continue into late January. So, there is plenty of time to take in and enjoy this fabulous atmosphere special to Krakow.

Every Christmas Europe’s largest square, Rynek Glowny is host to a seasonal market erected for the occasion. This market is a hive of activity, colour and rich in the spirit of Christmas celebration. The ‘Szopka Creches’, Nativity cribs are beautifully displayed and regional theatre companies act out nativity scenes. There is Polish folk dancing and a special feature, the carol singers. Many regional delights and delicacies can be purchased from the eloquently decorated wooden stalls covering the whole square on either side of the permanent market the Sukiennice.  Everything from souvenirs to handcrafted religious artifacts are on offer along with traditional Polish snacks and Christmas gifts for all generations.

This Krakow market certainly enhances your festive feel good factor, the unique harmony of atmosphere and people exhibiting or visiting makes this Christmas market a ‘must’ to put on your to do list. 

Whilst there is the special Christmas market we should not forget that Krakow houses many other markets both permanent and mobile. Each zone has its own,  close to the centre there are two well known places, Nowy (New) Kleparz and Stary (Old) Kleparz. These are permanent and carry everything from fresh agricultural produce to WWII memorabilia and much more. To be honest the Polish ‘Portobello Rd’ atmosphere is here and very vibrant.

Look out for the secondhand clothing shops too; there are some real bargains to be had in Krakow.