Stag Parties

Since Ryan Air decided Krakow looked like a decent place to land a plane, the stag party scene has been thriving. Not always favorites of the locals, but a boon for the local economy, the stag party experience in Krakow can vary in cleanliness, debauchery and skin.  However stag parties be warned, the once mighty Pound Sterling and British accent no longer holds sway in this modernizing city. Many bars and clubs frown upon large groups of foreigners, and others might charge you inflated entry prices without the entertainment to match. All that said, the city is a veritable treasure trove for well organized and well behaved stag groups. Cheap drinks, beautiful women and all forms of entertainment are within a short taxi ride from your hotel. The key to having a good time as a stag party is do your research, this means: tell your accommodation that you’re a stag party – it will help them cater to your needs; work out where you want to go before you go there so you can stay together and most importantly be respectful - the local security services love an excuse to lock up drunk foreign imbeciles. There are also plenty of stag party services which can help you organize your event, ideal for those who don’t know where to start!