Krakow Strip Clubs

Strip clubs, or ‘night clubs’ as their locally known are a growing industry in this tourist and stag party haven (not to be confused with ‘gentlemen’s’ or ‘business’ clubs – no explanation required) . Not long ago you had to get in an unmarked taxi and drive 10km north to find a decent venue for this form of entertainment; however now there’s plenty on offer in the centre within the boundaries of the old town. So much so that on a stroll through the Krakow Rynek on a weekend evening you’re likely to be handed a variety of entry cards from local touts claiming that their club is the best. In short, no club is the best, they’re all much the same and using the guides on Essential Krakow is a good place to start. If you’re travelling in a pair or group and you’re tempted by what a tout has to offer, our suggestion is send a scout inside to scope it out and only if it look like a quality venue then the rest of the group can enter and enjoy the entertainment!