Hen Parties

Loutish drunken tourist groups are not only the domain of men and their stag parties; recently a burgeoning number of hens’ parties have been gracing this fine city. Of course the majority of stag or hens groups are well behaved and if you’re planning your own group visit, no doubt you have every intention of adhering to this.

In truth the city is ideal for visiting hens parties mainly because:

  • it’s easy to get to from the UK and nearby countries;
  • it’s cheap so your money goes further;
  • Krakow is small so you’ll find it easy to get around;
  • there are numerous group accommodation choices in central locations and finally there’s plenty of bars, restaurants, nightclubs
  • and entertainment to keep all your group satisfied for the weekend!

The city’s ability to cater for hens parties probably lags a little behind its well developed stag party infrastructure, but with the assistance of Essential Krakow and your hotel concierge, you will be well looked after whether you’re searching for fine dining, swanky bars, locals dives or perhaps some more risqué forms of entertainment.

Hens’ parties are a relatively unusual thing in Poland, so don’t be surprised if you get a few strange looks from the locals; but as with most countries and cities, if you’re well behaved and polite, you’ll be welcomed by most bars, clubs and restaurants.