DIY Nightlife Tour of Rynek

Before you take this tour, you are advised to:

  • have your hotel address stored somewhere safe,
  • be carrying enough money to cover your party expectations and
  • have a Powerade and Panadol waiting for you the next morning.
  • We’ll assume you’ve done your touristy stuff during the day and are now looking for a feed and bit of fun.

The evenings here start quite late so we suggest you plan for an 8:30pm dinner mixing it with tourists and locals alike at Marmolada (ul. Grodzka 5); here you can feast on local food prepared well and served with a smile. House wine is decent and beer is served fresh and cold from the tap; bookings may be required but if you turn up and there’s no space, then simply stroll across the street to Wesele (Rynek 10) – same owner, similar cuisine. If Polish is not your thing, and you prefer the predictable flavors of Italy, then try Del Papa (sw. Tomasza 6), which has an uncomplicated menu, but pleasant atmosphere and service. 

Following dinner, we expect you’re now rather full and regretting ordering that desert before you’d seen your main course…not to worry, a brisk walk across the square will assist with digestion. Post dinner and pre-party drinks are the specialty of Pauza (ul. Florianska 18), the entrance is unmarked so look for the passage and an old wooden staircase going up one floor. First things first, get yourself a drink, Vodka Barmanski is a recommended way to lighten the digestive strain. With drink in hand, pick a place to sit or stand and find someone to talk to. The unpretentious crowd is generally happy to chat to newcomers if you’ve got something interesting to say (no doubt a few vodkas will help with this). If you’re not the social type, find a seat, cozy up to your pal and watch the hip Krakow crowd lubricate themselves before they move on.

Not long after midnight you should be thinking of the next move yourself; there are numerous clubs within a stone’s throw, all relatively similar, although there’s no doubt that the throng moves in one direction to Fractic (ul. Szewska 5). Entry shouldn’t be too difficult if you’re up-standing and willing to pay the fee. Walk down the staircase into a pounding house dance floor with young 20-somethings shooting back coloured drinks and wearing their dancing shoes. Follow the cavernous path to a second and third bar and a more compact hip hop dance floor; choose your location and get yourself a round of Kamikazees which come as a set of 6 tasty blue shots and should escalate the fun. There’ll be a healthy mix of locals and foreigners here, and what you see is what you get (the club name should have given that away). Impress the ladies with your moves, or stand by the bar looking too cool for school. The club stays open late so you can do your thing until you run out of steam or money and for those after a late-night snack, McDonalds is across the street…they really thought of everything!