DIY Nightlife Tour of Kazimierz

An evening out in Kazimierz presents a different experience to one in the city centre. To begin with there are fewer tourists and more variety in a smaller space; but for sure there is as much fun to be had. We suggest starting proceedings around 7pm with a cocktail; Moment Resto Bar (ul. Józefa 26) is a smooth way to glide into the evening’s activities. Once it’s time to eat, you are really spoilt for choice with dinner options. The young, vibrant think-they’re-hip crowd flock to Nova Resto Bar (ul. Estery 18) just a few doors down from Moment, the space is large with a chic interior and we recommend it for the atmosphere over the kitchen. Fancy something quieter then settle in at Pepe Rosso (ul. Kupa 15) for excellent service and quality food at reasonable prices (expect to pay 30-50zl for mains).

After your meal, if you’re searching for another drink, you can’t go past the district’s hippest look-at-me venue Le Scandale (Plac Nowy 9); it’s always lively and rather casual but can get full in the evenings so if you’re struggling to find space, next door at Baroque (Plac Nowy 8) hosts a similar ‘nouveau riche’ vibe – either is a great place to be seen, or do some people watching.  With your energy levels rising, then the final stop is back across Plac Nowy to Taawa (ul. Estery 18), just above the aforementioned Nova). As you wander over you may be wondering what the queues are about….it’s a local snack called Zapiekanka, kind of like a long pizza and not really worth the wait if you ask me. Taawa should be easy enough to enter with appropriate smart attire and once inside the classic house music vibes will get your feet moving. Stand at the bar and mingle with the locals who are happy to chat as they knock back shots; or hit the dance floor and annoy the DJ with requests for your favorite David Guetta track. This is a regular late night venue so expect the place to peak around 2-3am with a revolving door of model-esque locals.

Drink recommendations for the brave, Mad Dogs, simply a shot of vodka, raspberry syrup and a touch of Tabasco – it will get the night moving along and leave your mouth with a pleasant warming sensation. If you make it to closing time, you’re doing better than this writer!