The demographic make-up of Krakow is an interesting mix of varying ages, income and background. Perhaps the most ubiquitous element is religion, with the large majority of Poles identifying themselves as Catholic – although those actively practicing tend to be of older ages. However, a word of advice is to be respectful of the Church as you never know who you might offend.

From a population point of view, Krakow is made up of about 700,000 locals and 250,000 students, so when wandering the streets you’ll surely notice the youthful heartbeat of the popular areas of town. Krakow residents and certainly students are not wealthy but thankfully there are numerous restaurants, bars and entertainment to suit the lighter pockets of locals and tourists alike.

At the other end of the scale, there is a small but distinct faction of ‘old-money’ residents, thriving in self perceptions of prestige and aristocracy although the majority of visitors to this city experience a young vibrant city that continues to develop in its tourist and non-touristic economies.