Most experts would say Poland is fortunate not to have adopted the Euro when it entered the European Union in 2004. While it was the economic instability which restricted this at the time, this hurdle meant Poland’s exposure to the impact of the recent European economic downturn was lessened thanks to their stand alone currency, the Polish Zloti (currency code PLN).

As you can imagine, the currency does not feature heavily on global exchange markets and generally follows the Euro if you are looking for an indication of future exchange movement. You will definitely need some local currency when you visit Krakow as EURs or USDs are not readily accepted in most places and credit and debits cards are not useable at every venue. Essential Krakow advises visitors to exchange cash before arriving, or simply withdraw PLN from any ATM.

Alternatively, if you wish to exchange cash once you’re in the city, you can do so via the numerous currency exchange houses called ‘Kantors’. We strongly advise to shop around for the best rates and try to avoid exchanging at the airport, train station or tourist hot spots.

Lastly you should never exchange via any tout who approaches you with an exchange offer as it will usually be a grossly undervalued rate or counterfeit notes .