Krakow Tourist Information

Welcome to Essential Krakow’s tourist information pages, designed to provide you with detailed and local knowledge that will help you plan a trip to Krakow.

Krakow Tourist information is widely available, however, in our visitor information pages Essential Krakow is attempting to provide more personal articles which may add value to your trip to Krakow over and above the usual tourist information that is available.

Essential Krakow tourist information covers a variety of subjects for example practical transport information, such as getting to and from Krakow and transport within Krakow itself.

Other subjects include helpful information on traditions and ways of life in Krakow, such as what local Krakowians eat and drink and for example where the locals go during the summer months.

Furthermore, if you are planning on partying in Krakow, then our going out in Krakow section makes Essential reading if you want to find the best spots.

As you would expect our team of writers include some very well established local Poles and expats living in Krakow, with all the best tourist information at their fingertips. There is so much to find under the surface in Krakow and we hope that these pages packed with valuable information will make useful reading.