Venetian House Market Square Aparthotel

Rynek Główny 11
+48 512 132 238

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Cheap hotels? This is always a teaser because what exactly is a cheap hotel especially to visitors from Euro currency countries. The frequent hotel user knows when to pay more or pay less in terms of being practical. The casual user may base the choice on economic grounds rather than to the requirements of the visit.

Krakow, however, has a wide berth in low cost or cheap hotels for the person who has the objectives clearly earmarked. The best cheap hotels are found in areas with high competition. The best advice in choosing a cheap hotel is not necessarily by price but by location and services available. Just like cheap flights can work out not so cheap because the expense of the airport transfer to the city results in false economy.

Cheap hotels exist everywhere in Krakow’s prolific accommodation business if you calculate and consider all the expenditures to be incurred during your stay such as public transport, levies and taxes sometimes added after and availability of the internet for example.

This means that instead of staying at a more economical hotel that involves travel expenses every day book a slightly more expensive hotel closer to the places you will visit to offset the total costs. Cheap hotels do exist but remember the coefficients that make up the good sense of something being cheap, not only by its initial low price.

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