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Rynek Główny 11
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Hotels located near the John Paul II Krakow Airport are not numerous so should be chosen carefully. The closest option is the Morawica (285, 32-084 Morawica) which suits the budget traveler arriving in late looking for a nearby option; however, if you’re willing to travel another 5-10 minutes by taxi, then the more business friendly Neoairport Hotel (ul. Topolowa 12) or Hotel Witek (Ul. Modlnicza 124A) will come with a few more luxuries at reasonable prices.

Take note, taxis from the airport are easily recognizable; it’s not a great problem in Krakow but better not to accept a lift from anyone who approaches you in the arrivals hall. Cabs are now fixed fair from the airport to local suburbs, with noticeably cheaper rates to locations within 5km, compared to trips to the centre (around 15km). As usual, it is worth booking ahead and your hotel may be able to organize airport transfers without too much trouble.

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