Russian Film Festival


Address: Rynek Główny 27

Entry Fee: 12-16 PLN, Pass - 84/49 PLN

Start Date: 2014-12-08

End Date: 2014-12-14


Rating: 5

Poland’s relationship with Russia has never been easy, and has often been openly hostile. Despite this, ordinary Poles feel a sneaking affinity for ordinary Russians, and tend to see the nastier moments of Russo-Polish relations as the business of untrustworthy politicians, emperors and similar persons.

Nevertheless, it was with some trepidation that the organisers of the Russian Film Festival, Sputnik Over Poland (Sputnik nad Polską), rolled out their first offering in 2008. They needn’t have worried, Poles love good movie making, wherever it comes from. The festival, which is nationwide, was a great success and has been held every year since.

The Krakow incarnation of the Russian Film Festival, Sputnik Over Krakow (Sputnik nad Krakowem), consists of screenings at Kino Pod Baranami (Cinema Under the Ram) – one of the city’s finest independent cinemas, situated in the corner of the glorious Main Market Square. Held in late March (March 22–28 in 2013), the week of films includes contemporary and classic offerings as well as forums and lectures about the fascinating world of Russian cinema.

Kino Pod Baranami is well-known for its child-friendly approach and, as always, Sputnik Over Krakow is accompanied a programme of animated shorts on a Russian theme for younger cinema-goers.



Ingo from US

Posted on 18-11-2014

Intense insight

Been there last year and Im hoping to see all the movies this time! Can't wait!

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