Film Music Festival


Entry Fee: from 30 PLN

Start Date: 2018-05-29

End Date: 2018-06-05


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The music that gives our favourite films their emotional punch often gets overlooked. The special effects, the beautiful actors and the vision of the director are immediately obvious and receive the bulk of column inches, but try watching a classic movie scene with the music muted and you will quickly realise how vital the soundtrack is.

Krakow Film Music Festival aims to redress the balance by dedicating three days in May to the loving performance of music from films old and new. In a city renowned for the frequency and scope of its film festivals, a festival of film music is a fitting event in the cultural calendar.

Since the first Film Music Festival in 2009, the organisers have taken care to present their material in interesting ways. Top local and international musicians have performed musical scores live as the film they are from is being shown. A popular feature is the presentation of short sections of music along with the scenes they were composed to accompany. Film experts provide commentary and analysis.

Organised by the Krakow Festival Office in collaboration with national radio station RMF FM, the Film Music Festival is evolving into a firm favourite in the cultural yearbook.


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