Great Dragon Parade


Address: Bulwary Wiślane

Type: Festival

Entry Fee: free of charge

Start Date: 2017-06-03

End Date: 2017-06-04

Time: from 10:00 to 19:00


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A lot of places have legends about dragons. The difference with Krakow is that we still have dragons today. At the beginning of June every year, they can be seen flying over the Vistula River near the castle and processing along the city’s main streets. Okay, so they’re made from paper and wood and a dozen other ingredients of the puppeteer’s art, but they are Krakow dragons and, therefore, the best.

Krakow’s association with dragons goes way back to the earliest myths of the city. According to the tale, a particularly unruly specimen lived in a cave under Wawel Castle (a cave you can still visit today). Unusually, it was shoemaker rather than a knight who freed Krakow from the fire-breathing menace, by cunningly feeding the beast a sheep’s carcass stuffed with sulphur. Kaboom!

The annual Great Dragon Parade plays host to tens of less dangerous versions of Krakow’s legendary mascot constructed by the artisans of the Groteska Theatre – world-renowned stage special-effects artists and qualified dragon wranglers.

The event features an evening river parade and a procession to the Main Square the next day. Puppetry, kids entertainment and a general carnival atmosphere persist throughout in one of the city’s greatest early summer spectacles.



Michael from Uk

Posted on 20-05-2015

Dragon Parade

We are also visiting at the end of May till the 1st of june and trying to find out about the Dragon parade. We are staying at the Whyspianski Hotel.

Cheers Michael and Margaret from the UK


Roxana Sandall from Norge

Posted on 13-04-2015

Hi, I will be visiting Krakow during the last week of May. Could you please confirm that this "Dragon Parade" is actually during these date this year? It looks like fun! Thank you

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