Unsound Krakow

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Start Date: 2017-10-08

End Date: 2017-10-15

Website: unsound.pl

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Unsound is a music festival with a difference. The organisers describe is as a “festival of advanced music,” which could mean almost anything, but in fact means that they book acts that take current trends in music and push them to, sometimes weird sometimes thrilling, extremes as well as straightforward crowd-pleasers with their volume knobs turned up to 11.

Unsound began in Krakow in 2003 as an underground festival of ‘new’ music. Since then, its popularity and ambitions have ballooned, and the festival is now recognised as one of the most innovative and thought provoking on the European scene. As well as groundbreaking music, many Unsound events also feature performance and visual arts. One critic described it as “a festival like few others in the world—one that both entertains and educates.”

The original, and best, Unsound Festival continues to be held in Krakow every October, but the brand and the ideas have gone global. Since 2010, the organisers have also held an Unsound festival in New York, and ‘satellite’ festivals have been held in Prague, Warsaw, Bratslava, Kiev and Minsk.


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