Lajkonik Parade


Address: Senatorska 1

Type: Festival

Entry Fee: free of charge

Start Date: 2018-06-07

End Date: 2018-06-07

Start Time: 12:15


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The Lajkonik, formerly known as Zwierzyniec's horse rider has its own holiday once a year. This is particular date, kept regardless of other events - the first Thursday after Corpus Christi. On that day, disregarding the weather, the wooden horse rider in exotic clothes in a company of twenty and a few drafters, flag and a band is going along traditional route through Kraków.
Around 1 PM from the Rudawa riverside, he is riding through the yard of St. Norbert's Sisters monastery in Zwierzyniec to dance in a traditional way with the flag in the middle of the circle made up by his company and to pay the respect to Mother Superior.
Then through the Kosciuszko, Zwierzyniecka, Franciszkanska and Grodzka streets, he is following to the Main Square. At the sounds of an old melody, he is dancing around the Square, visiting shops and restaurants, hitting people gently with his baton and gathering bounties. The whole play is accompanied by laughs, and by centuries lasting mystery.
The Lajkonik is going through the crowd.  There can be seen his wooden horse and a pointed, Tartar's hat with a golden crescent.
The move, dance, baton hits believed to bring luck and a music, especially deep, steady drum beat are causes for extraordinary aura of the event.


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