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History of the Krakow Ghetto
Posted: 27-04-2012      Category: Krakow News

The Krakow Ghetto was formed on the 3rd March 1941, one of five major ghettos to be set up by the Germans in the General Government (the occupied but unannexed territories of Poland) in the course of World War II and the Holocaust. Life in the Crakow Ghetto became increasingly bloody and hellish as the Nazi programme of genocide intensified: subject to severe overcrowding, an acute lack of food and poor sanitation, those that didn’t perish from disease or malnutrition, were deported to surrounding concentration camps or simply murdered in the streets – an action which culminated in the Krakow Ghetto Massacre of March 1943. 

Auschwitz visit for German football team stirs fresh debate
Posted: 24-03-2012      Category: Krakow News

With the European Football Championship 2012 set to take place in Krakow Poland this summer, a debate has broken out in Germany over whether its national team should visit Auschwitz.

Polish poet Szymborska, dead at 88, brought light to her people
Posted: 03-02-2012      Category: Krakow News

POLAND'S 1996 Nobel prize-winning poet Wislawa Szymborska, whose simple words and playful verse plucked irony and empathy out of life, has died aged 88.

Stairs collapse in Kitsch club
Posted: 16-11-2011      Category: Krakow News

At least 12 people injured and 2,000 evacuated overnight. The owner has been ignoring safety regulations for years and now he is to face charges.

Krakow Airport bomb threat
Posted: 21-09-2011      Category: Krakow News

Krakow Balice Airport: A civilian employee of a military unit at Balice airport has been arrested by police after threatening to blow up military aircraft. 

Very fast train arriving in Krakow
Posted: 24-08-2011      Category: Krakow News

A contract to supply very fast trains, that will connect Warsaw, Katowice, Krakow and Gyndynia has been signed. 

Vintage vanguard or vehement vogue?
Posted: 06-05-2011      Category: Krakow News

More and more residents in Krakow choose former communist workers’ district Nowa Huta as a place of settlement. The process itself and reasons behind it are a subject of sociological research.

Brit blight strikes back
Posted: 06-04-2011      Category: Krakow News

Tourist season is just about to start, yet Englishmen coming to Krakow are not those with bowler and walking cane

Hadrone therapy launched
Posted: 17-03-2011      Category: Krakow News

First successful eye cancer therapy sessions in Poland and Central Europe carried out recently in Krakow’s Nuclear Physics Institute

Palaeolith burial place found near Krakow
Posted: 19-12-2010      Category: Krakow News

If tests confirm collected data, this will be the oldest archaeological finding of a burial place on Polish grounds