Krakow Airport bomb threat

Krakow Airport Transfer

Sounding more like the plot of the lastest Borat movie, a 38-year-old male who has for the past month been working for the Metrolog company at Balice airport, sent a text message from his phone to his doctor, saying that he 'intends to damage one of the CASA military aircraft '. These aircraft are stationed at the airport near Krakow, he further added there would would be a 'big bang' and that 'I hate them.'
The doctor immediately alerted police who were able to track down the man through his telephone number. Dariusz Nowak, a spokesman for the Police said that 'charges have not yet been laid against him as he was still undergoing psychiatric assessment.' Doctors have stated that he is now under their care and supervision where he will be thoroughly assessed and confined to a psychiatric hospital for the next six weeks before the matter proceeds.