Hadrone therapy launched

Session 1


According to authorities of the University Hospital in Krakow the both procedures were held as medical experiments, as Polish regulations do not include them in a 

medical procedure catalogue yet.  The sessions have been overseen by teams of doctors from the University Hospital, Krakow’s Nuclear Physics Institute and Oncology Center in Krakow, and counseled by specialists from Russia and Germany. Permission has been granted for 18 more of such sessions; their cost is estimated for PLN 2 000 000.


Very fast and efficient radiotherapy is based on highly precise bundle of heavy proton type elements called hadrons. They travel  at 100 000 km per second and destroying the tumor by irradiation. In other types of radiotherapy the bundle is not as precise and often irradiates also healthy tissues causing numerous side effects. I case of eye tumors  this means losing eyesight permanently.  As it was stressed by Prof. Bożena 

Session 2

Romanowska-Dixon, a head of Ophthalmology and Optimology Clinic of the University Hospital, proton therapy is very effective and can be used in nearly all eye cancer types, even in children.
Two cases treated in first place were malignant inner eye melanomas. It is estimated that 200 new patients fall with it in Poland every year. When it remains untreated, it can cause various fatal metastases.
With 200 million zlotys a state of the art hadrone therapy center is to be built in Krakow in 4 years. It will hold a new cyclotron and gantry for irradiation of different body parts.